Specialized solutions and training

Specialized solutions and training

For solving specific public policy issues, BGI Consulting offers specialized solutions. Each research is carried out according to the unique methodology, ensuring the selection and application of the most proper system of methods. We apply qualitative and quantitative research methods, the combination of which allows to provide solid answers to specific public policy questions. In addition to the methods usually applied, such as data analysis, interviews, expert panels, etc., more specialized quantitative research methods allowing to objectively assess the impact of the public policy decisions on the society and economy are also employed. For instance, the impact of public policy on macroeconomic indicators is estimated by employing macroeconomic modelling. BGI Consulting has developed HERMIN model for Lithuania which incorporates both demand-side (short-term effects emerging due to the increase in the expenditure and application of the income policy instruments) and supply-side (long-term increase of the economic potential) mechanisms. In order to identify the value of specific investments for the society, cost and benefit analysis is employed, incorporating all the benefits and losses experienced by the society due to the implementation of certain investment project (for more information, see Methods).
On the request of the client, in order to improve and optimize the research process, BGI Consulting integrates the opportunities provided by IT in the development and application of social research methods. The BGI Consulting team develops such IT-based applied solutions for social research methods as automated macroeconomic modelling (using R, WinSolve, VBA), sophisticated spreadsheets, e.g. spreadsheets for calculation of cost and benefit estimates (using MS Excel VBA) or BigData solutions (using Java, SurveyMonkey).
Taking into account that the research services provided by BGI Consulting and applied methodological solutions developed on their basis (e.g. CBA, modelling, sophisticated spreadsheets) require an in-depth knowledge and skills of practical application, BGI also provides training services. During such training courses the target audience is introduced to the wider context of public policy, evaluation, application of research methods, and, of course, trained to practically apply methods and tools for analysis, evaluation, etc. developed by BGI.

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