Public policy analysis and consultations

Public policy analysis and consultations

BGI Consulting engages in public policy research, evaluation and consultations. On the basis of evidence-based research findings, BGI Consulting provides for institutions responsible for planning and implementation of public policy suggestions and recommendations regarding relevance, efficiency and impact of the decisions at all stages of public policy process - from planning of political agenda to reporting to the public and other stakeholders.
The BGI Consulting team has acquired necessary knowledge and experience in developing and analysing programmes in the areas of labour market, social inclusion, education and science, culture, transport, business support and others (for more details, see Experience).
BGI Consulting applies systemic approach and considers different areas of public policy as an integral part of the overall public governance. Therefore, every research does not solely focus on the specific issues of the policy analysed but also takes into account the overall context of the policy area, state or region. Besides specific sectorial knowledge, public policy analysis also encompasses wide spectrum of economic, social, cultural, behavioural, etc. issues, which in concert form a comprehensive research methodology grounded on the combination of various research methods (for more details, see Methods). It ensures consistency and sustainability of the solutions suggested.

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