BGI Consulting and its experienced team of researchers has been operating since 2007 and have accumulated  exceptional experience in the fields of public policy, Cohesion Policy, economics, public administration research, assessment, consulting and training. The experience of public policy analysis covers various areas of public life from
labour market, economics and research to social issues
The strength of the BGI team is the continuous creation and development of innovative solutions for research and assessment. BGI Consulting has developed and improved numerous groups of social research methods such as macroeconomic modelling, cost-benefit analysis, multi-criteria analysis, counterfactual analysis andetc., which are used to provide high quality services to public sector organizations.
Methodological preparation, an open and critical approach, as well as an attempt to improve public policy, and its implementation, allowed the BGI team to cooperate with prominent  institutions such as European Parliament, the European Commission, the European Investment bank, the Council of Europe Development Bank, Government of the Republic of Lithuania, Ministries of the Republic of Lithuania of Finance, Economy, Education and Science, Foreign Affairs, Agriculture, Transport and Communications, Culture and other agencies.
BGI research, evaluation and consulting experiences have been developed in collaboration with partners from Ireland (Dr. John Bradley), Italy (CSIL Milan, t33), Luxembourg (Spatial Foresight), United Kingdom (EPRC, Fraser Associates), Austria (OIR), Sweden (Sweco, Nordregio), Estonian (Technopolis group), Danish (Oxford research), Hungary (METIS) and others. Extensive engagement in international research and counseling networks demonstrate the high professionalism of the BGI Consulting team, the potential for applying  latest knowledge in solving problems  and ensures a high level of  quality in services provided.

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