BGI Consulting assessed the achievement of the objectives of the 2014-2020 Operational Programme for Investment of European Union Funds

2023 12 12
For the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania, in January-November 2023, BGI Consulting, in cooperation with partners - experts from the European Policies Research Centre (University of Strathclyde), conducted an evaluation of the achievement of the objectives of the Operational Programme for Investment of the European Union Funds for the period 2014-2020, which was aimed at determining the impact of EU investment in the implementation of the EU's and the national strategic objectives as well as the thematic objectives of the Operational Programme.
The 2014-2020 Operational Programme for Investments of European Union Funds includes investments that reflect the country's key development challenges. Investments under all OP priorities amounted to €9.8 billion by the end of 2022 ( dedicated EU funds and budget funding, plus additional co-financing from project promoters). These investments have contributed to the specific objectives of the 136 OPs in the areas of education, science, health, transport, social protection, environment and many others. Developments in these areas should also contribute to the Europe 2020 strategy in general, which is linked to progress along the three strategic directions of smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. Specific indicators reflecting the quantification of these strategic objectives at EU level are foreseen in the Europe 2020 strategy, and Lithuania-specific targets for these indicators are set out in the National Reform Agenda 2020.
BGI Consulting's experts used a variety of data collection and analysis methods: primary and secondary source analysis, questionnaires, semi-structured interviews, expert panels, intervention logic, statistical, comparative, contributory analysis, theory-based impact assessment, meta-analysis and expert evaluation. The evaluation also included 3 case studies.